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I have almost 13 years of experience in Sales and Marketing departments of Multinational FMCG Companies. One of the most interesting points in my career was that although we have data of incredible size and depth, we could not take advantage of it enough. When we wanted to benefit from the data we had, we were spending a lot of time, and because we did this manually, the probability of error was very high.

Business Intelligence (BI) is one of the most important steps towards digitalization. As it is already a very common subject of ‘transformation’, it will be discussed more in the future. With ‘big’ data and the need for detailed and fast analysis, companies will need more BI infrastructure. With BI, your reports will be automatically updated and shared online. You will be able to make detailed analyzes instantly on a same screen with a touch/click. Excel reports will not be shared via e-mail, and you will not waste time trying to view excel reports with your mobile devices.

‘Boost’ idea emerged to provide BI infrastructure to companies faster and with minimum effort. . In the first months of 2022, we came together for Boost with our Consultants who have Sales experience in FMCG and started to work on dashboards companies need to improve their sales performance. As of June 2022, we made Boost alive for trial with 3 Business Partner companies from 3 different sectors. Through such trial process, we improved Boost and we are still trying to improve.

Boost is developed with Microsoft Power BI

Boost is developed with Microsoft Power BI, which is one of the most preferred and leading BI programs in the world. Thanks to the Microsoft Power BI cloud, your data is safe and your analysis is delivered to you very quickly.

Fast and Interactive

Boost allows you to access your data at any time, very quickly, both from computer and mobile devices, and to analyze your data in great detail. No time is spent updating/developing the reports, errors are minimized. All you have to do is set up and develop your strategy. The different figures-analyses spoken at the meetings, the long preparations before the meetings become history.

We look forward to your free demo request, meeting you and ‘Boost’ your sales performance.

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Mete Adıyaman


Mete Adıyaman Bi-Boost Founder

Who we are

Boost, aiming to start and accelerate ‘Business Intelligence’ transformation FMCG, was founded by FMCG professionals in 2022.

‘Boost’ is based on the idea that ‘Business Intelligence’ transformation is essential in FMCG which has various data and fast changing dynamics. FMCG companies have data of incredible size and depth. With this data, a lot of labor is spent to create regular and simple analysis, share it within the company or analyze it in detail.

In today’s world where competition and accessible data are increasing; the workforce spent on transforming the data into analysis needs to be directed to draw conclusions from the analysis and take action. Another issue is the loss of effort spent on creating detailed and regular simple analyzes and (mostly) the inaccessibility of deep analysis results in not only reducing the competitiveness of companies but also it negatively affects employee happiness.

What do we do?

Boost, which has the advantage of FMCG industry experience as of its establishment, has made this advantage stronger with the demo work it has done with 3 companies in different fields from FMCG since the middle of 2022.

With the advantage of strong FMCG experience, Boost brings a different approach for ‘Business Intelligence’ transformation compared to its alternatives.

Compared to alternative ‘Business Intelligence’ transformation plans, Boost provides your company with your “intelligent” reports, which are interactive and mobile, and allow you to make very fast and detailed analysis, in a much shorter time, as well as providing much lower labor and resources from your company’s side.

Boost, which allows you to use free demo with your company’s data, also differentiates itself when compared to alternative ‘Business Intelligence’ solutions.