Welcome to the world of fast, online and interactive reporting with BI Boost!

Below you are viewing the ‘BI Boost B2B’ demo product from the fictional company ‘X Company’, created with fictious data.

The dashboard you view below is the homepage of the ‘BI Boost B2B’ product, containing ‘Summary’ data. If you wish, you can navigate between different pages with the menu icon in the upper left corner (3 lines under each other). You can access the filters with the filter icon on the top right and enjoy detailed analysis by detailed selections. You can make the report full screen by clicking the diagonal arrow button in the lower right corner of the report screen.

The report is compatible with your mobile devices. When you turn your mobile phone or tablet horizontally, you will see that the report screen is fully placed on the screen of your device.

Enjoy detailed analysis!

Demo Report (TR)

Demo Report (ENG)