Case Study: "One Company, One Language"

About SC Johnson and Boost


As a family-owned company, SC Johnson is committed to making life cleaner, easier, and better for families. That is why it produces quality products that work, using ingredients that can be trusted for over a century.  

Boost stands out by providing ‘ready-to-use’ business intelligence and data analytics solutions to its clients, with a current focus primarily on sales-related aspects. The company also has strategic plans to broaden its offerings in the future, extending its solutions to cater to various functions.

The collaboration between SC Johnson and Boost originated from the necessity for different teams to align their language and strategies, particularly in enhancing the company’s overall business within the ‘Key Accounts’ channel. This indicates that SC Johnson recognized the potential of Boost’s solutions in fostering a unified approach and improving communication and efficiency across diverse teams, ultimately contributing to the success of their operations in the ‘Key Accounts’ channel.

One Language within the Company

The dynamics of the FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) industry, particularly in the ‘key accounts’ channel, involve obtaining and analyzing crucial data for strategic decision-making. This data, encompassing details such as sales, stock, and listing in various dimensions, serves as a foundation for increasing sales more strategically. Analyzing this data across different aspects, such as customer, city, category, and format, is essential for optimizing business operations.

In the context of FMCG companies, when different departments collaborate with a shared purpose, the importance of standardized data and reports becomes evident. Achieving consensus on data definitions and reports ensures that various teams are working with the same information, facilitating faster, more effective, and accurate strategic decision-making.

Recognizing the significance of aligning data across different teams and departments, SC Johnson, in its pursuit of taking accurate actions based on ‘Key Account’ channel data, chose to collaborate with ‘Boost B2B.’ By leveraging the solutions provided by ‘Boost B2B,‘ SC Johnson aimed to create a unified platform where diverse teams could access standardized data, fostering consensus and enabling faster and more effective decision-making processes. This strategic partnership with ‘Boost B2B’ reflects SC Johnson’s commitment to optimizing its operations and leveraging data-driven insights for success in the ‘key accounts’ channel.

About the solution ‘Boost B2B’

The ‘Boost B2B’ solution stands out with its multitude of dashboards and tables designed for detailed analysis. This tool empowers companies to swiftly evaluate substantial sales opportunities, enabling them to enhance their business operations in the key accounts channel. The advantages offered by ‘Boost B2B’ become particularly pronounced when contrasted with the traditional method of analyzing data using Excel, which proves to be disadvantageous in various aspects of Business Intelligence reporting.

For FMCG companies not utilizing ‘Boost B2B,’ reliance on Excel introduces challenges such as the need for trained employees and a labor-intensive process. The inherent error-prone nature of Excel further exacerbates the drawbacks, especially when conducting detailed analyses. Considering the complex analyses facilitated by ‘Boost B2B,’ attempting similar tasks using Microsoft Excel becomes nearly impractical.

In industries like FMCG, where companies manage extensive product portfolios across various categories and brands, detailed and conclusive analysis is imperative. The collaborative nature of different teams working towards a shared goal necessitates a unified approach. ‘Boost B2B’ not only consolidates data for comprehensive analysis but also allows teams to work with the same language and data sets. This unified reporting structure presents a significant advantage in terms of time efficiency. SC Johnson recognized the potential of this advantage and chose to collaborate with ‘Boost B2B’ to harness its capabilities.

Boost recognized the intricate challenges faced by FMCG organizations in Turkey, dealing with vast datasets across disparate systems. Our vision encompassed a highly scalable multitenant SaaS platform that would intricately interconnect sales and data. This platform was driven by advanced business intelligence tools with the overarching goal of integrating all client data into comprehensive dashboards.  We use Microsoft solutions such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Power BI Embedded, and Power Automate as its infrastructure, and offer it to companies as a turn-key solution, ready for use in a brief time. The ready-made solution offered meets the needs of companies to a considerable extent. Boost fulfills their customization requests later.  

What 'Boost B2B' means for SC Johnson?

The implementation of the ‘Boost B2B’ solution at SC Johnson has led to a collaborative and data-driven approach within the company, particularly in the key account channel. Multiple teams, including the customer management team, field team, trade marketing team, and marketing team, are actively utilizing the data provided by ‘Boost B2B’ to make informed decisions. This approach involves more than 15 users from these teams who have direct access to the comprehensive reports generated by ‘Boost B2B.’ Additionally, certain users have personalized access to separate reports tailored to their specific needs and responsibilities.

The usage of ‘Boost B2B’ has become ingrained in SC Johnson’s operations, with over a year of practical application. The platform not only facilitates data accessibility but also enables customization to cater to the unique requirements of different teams and individuals. This adaptability ensures that each user can focus on the specific insights and metrics relevant to their responsibilities.

The acknowledgment that ‘Boost B2B’ contributes to the key accounts channel business at SC Johnson underscores its positive impact. By providing timely and detailed data analyses, the solution aids in streamlining decision-making processes and fostering collaboration among different teams. The ability to access unified reports and customized summaries not only enhances efficiency but also promotes a shared understanding across various departments. As SC Johnson continues to leverage the benefits of ‘Boost B2B,’ it positions itself to maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic landscape of the key account channel.