Case Study: "The Beginning of a Long-term Partnership"

Macromax and Boost


Macromax, is an FMCG company and offer products they have developed with great care, making people proud of the cleanliness of your living and working spaces. 

Boost distinguishes itself by providing ‘ready-to-use’ business intelligence and data analytics solutions to its customers. While these solutions currently revolve mostly around sales-related aspects, there are strategic plans to introduce a diverse array of solutions for various functions in the future.

The enduring partnership between Macromax and Boost, with intentions to persist and flourish, was initiated through one such solution: ‘Boost Distribution’. This dynamic tool empowers Macromax to seamlessly monitor sales to the points of sale from its distributors nationwide, assess the progress of their targets related to these sales, and conduct other detailed analyses. The success of ‘Boost Distribution’ underscores the mutual benefits derived from the collaboration between Macromax and Boost, laying the groundwork for continued innovation and growth in the realm of business intelligence.

The solution: ‘Boost Distribution’

FMCG companies, striving to distribute their products through the distributor channel, collect vital data from their distributors utilizing various methods. This dataset encompasses critical details such as sales and stock levels across dimensions like value, quantity, and parcel quantity. To strategically boost sales, FMCG companies analyze this data across various aspects such as region, manager, channel, category, and more.

However, the conventional method employed by FMCG companies involves analyzing the data received from the source using Microsoft Excel. This approach proves disadvantageous compared to ‘Business Intelligence’ reporting, manifesting challenges such as the need for trained employees and a labor-intensive workforce. Moreover, the Excel-based method is error-prone and demands additional labor when conducting detailed analyses.

Boost recognized the intricate challenges faced by FMCG organizations in Turkey, dealing with vast datasets across disparate systems. Our vision encompassed a highly scalable multitenant SaaS platform that would intricately interconnect sales, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data, and data from well-known ERP software. This platform was driven by advanced business intelligence tools with the overarching goal of integrating all client data into comprehensive dashboards.  We use Microsoft solutions such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Power BI Embedded, and Power Automate as its infrastructure, and offer it to companies as a turn-key solution, ready for use in a brief time. The ready-made solution offered meets the needs of companies to a considerable extent. Boost fulfills their customization requests later. Overall, as mentioned above, the ‘Boost Distribution’ solution aims to support companies in improving their activities on the distributor channel. 

Another step towards long-term partnership: ‘Boost ERP’

The collaboration between Macromax and Boost commenced with the implementation of ‘Boost Distribution’ and has evolved to encompass another instrumental solution, ‘Boost ERP.‘ This strategic progression underscores the longevity and depth of the partnership between the two companies. With ‘Boost ERP,’ the objective is to empower Macromax in leveraging its data more effectively, enhancing business processes by tapping into the wealth of information available through Macromax’s ERP program.

The significance of the ‘Boost ERP’ solution extends beyond the sales function, aligning with Macromax’s broader expectations. Macromax envisions contributions to various facets of its business, spanning functions such as production, human resources, and more. This comprehensive approach reflects the commitment of both Macromax and Boost to maximize the utility of data across diverse operational domains.

Boost strategically opted for Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics; a cloud-based analytics service known for processing vast amounts of data at incredible speeds. This choice facilitated the complex task of amalgamating diverse datasets from sales and ERP systems, including data from well-known ERP software, while ensuring robust data security and compliance.   

What Macromax think?

Ferhat Sucu, General Manager of Macromax and former Unilever executive, provides insight into the service received from Boost:

“Thanks to Boost, our aim is to streamline the collection of necessary data for enhancing our business onto a single, integrated platform. This consolidation allows us to conduct faster and more effective analyses, empowering us to make informed decisions and further improve our business.

Even in the early stages of our partnership, Boost has already made significant contributions to our operations. Our regional managers and sales teams in the field can now monitor their daily sales and targets, facilitating swift and tailored analyses, leading to more efficient actions. Boost has streamlined processes that were previously handled by our head office team, eliminating tasks like preparing sales reports and distributing them to relevant stakeholders. This has created a unified reporting structure across the entire company, enabling us to speak a common language.

The key advantages of Boost, in my view, include its prompt delivery of the needed solution during our transition to the Business Intelligence platform, its team’s familiarity with our industry language, and the alleviation of complexities associated with detailed license management during this transitional phase.

I am confident that our ongoing partnership with Boost will significantly contribute to the robust and healthy growth of our company.