Case Study: "When the Solution Meets Expectations"

Nustil 'Nutrition Style' and Boost

Nustil, which has been serving in the field of special nutrition products since 2009, continues to carry out analyzes with the importance to the health of its consumers since its establishment. Nustil increases its product portfolio day by day by cooperating with many companies that are world-renowned and experts in the special nutrition category, and further reinforces its expertise by bringing the prestige of the brands it represents to Turkey and adding new stakeholders to its structure by adopting continuous change as a principle. 

In parallel, Boost distinguishes itself by providing ‘ready-to-use’ business intelligence and data analytics solutions to its clientele. While these solutions predominantly focus on sales-related aspects, Boost envisions a future where it will extend its offerings to cater to a variety of divergent functions.

The collaboration between the two companies began when Nustil identified an opportunity to capitalize on incremental sales. Focused on amplifying the distribution rates of its products within the retail stores of its customers, Nustil turned to the ‘Boost B2B’ solution to address this specific objective. This marks the initiation of a mutually beneficial relationship aimed at enhancing Nustil’s market presence and leveraging Boost’s dynamic suite of business intelligence tools.

An opportunity: Increasing the availability rates of products in Key Accounts channel

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies employing the ‘key accounts’ channel to reach consumers gather crucial data from their key account customers using diverse methods. This dataset encompasses essential details such as sales figures, stock levels, and listings across various dimensions like value and quantity. Analyzing this data strategically, considering factors such as city locations, product categories, and retail formats, becomes instrumental for FMCG companies aiming to optimize their sales approach.

In the Key Accounts channel, meticulous tracking of each product’s presence in listed stores and its stocking status is paramount. The dynamics of this scenario are in constant flux, requiring continuous monitoring. Enhancing product availability in diverse dimensions, including customer store formats, cities, and retail formats, emerges as a significant sales opportunity. Diligent management and improvement in this aspect can yield substantial sales growth for FMCG companies navigating the complexities of the ‘key accounts’ channel.

About the solution ‘Boost B2B’

In light of the mentioned incremental sales opportunity, the ‘Boost B2B’ solution presents detailed dashboards and tables to harness its full potential. These intuitive dashboards empower companies to effortlessly monitor listing figures and distribution rates, providing a streamlined approach to capitalize on the opportunity. With ‘Boost B2B,’ companies can expedite their measurement of sales opportunities through comprehensive analysis, enabling them to strategically develop their business within the key accounts channel.

For FMCG companies without the ‘Boost B2B’ solution, data analysis often relies on Microsoft Excel. However, this method proves disadvantageous when compared to ‘Business Intelligence’ reporting on multiple fronts. Notably, it necessitates experienced personnel and a labor-intensive workforce. Additionally, this Excel-based approach is prone to errors and becomes resource-intensive when in-depth analysis is required. Given the complexity of detailed dashboards offered by the ‘Boost B2B’ solution, attempting similar analyses with Microsoft Excel becomes impractical, emphasizing the transformative benefits of adopting advanced business intelligence tools.

Boost recognized the intricate challenges faced by FMCG organizations in Turkey, dealing with vast datasets across disparate systems. Our vision encompassed a highly scalable multitenant SaaS platform that would intricately interconnect sales, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data, and data from well-known ERP software. This platform was driven by advanced business intelligence tools with the overarching goal of integrating all client data into comprehensive dashboards.  We use Microsoft solutions such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Power BI Embedded, and Power Automate as its infrastructure, and offer it to companies as a turn-key solution, ready for use in a brief time. The ready-made solution offered meets the needs of companies to a considerable extent. Boost fulfills their customization requests later.

What does Nustil think about 'Boost B2B?

Ismail Erzincanlı, Co-Founder and General Manager of Nustil, reflects on the service provided by Boost, stating:

“Our products cater to a consumer base that prioritizes quality nutrition. Consequently, expanding the availability of our products in the stores of our retail customers is crucial. To achieve this, we recognized the need for standard, continuous, and effective follow-up.

Upon being introduced to the ‘Boost B2B’ solution, we immediately grasped its potential to significantly contribute to our business. Boost delivered detailed and interactive reports to us in a remarkably short time. We had a specific request to consolidate interrelated data in one dashboard, and that request was swiftly fulfilled.

Our team has been using the ‘Boost B2B’ solution with satisfaction for over three months now. Already, we have seen a notable increase in availability ranging between 5% and 10% for our highest-selling products.

The most significant advantage Boost is the rapid and customized contribution to our business needs. I am confident that our collaboration with Boost will continue to grow steadily as we explore their other solutions.”