About Nustil ‘Nutrition Style’ and Boost 

Nustil, which has been serving in the field of special nutrition products since 2009, continues to carry out analyzes with the importance it attaches to the consumption health of its consumers since its establishment. NUSTİL increases its product portfolio day by day by cooperating with many companies that are world-renowned and experts in the special nutrition category, and further reinforces its expertise by bringing the prestige of the brands it represents to Turkey and adding new stakeholders to its structure by adopting continuous change as a principle. 

Boost, however, offers ‘ready-to-use’ business intelligence and data analytics solutions to its customers. These solutions are mostly sales-related, but it is planned to offer various solutions for divergent functions in the future.  

The relationship between the when Nustil company wanting to take advantage of an incremental sales opportunity. Nustil company, which primarily wants to increase the distribution rates of its products in the stores of its retail customers, came up with the ‘Boost B2B’ solution. 

An opportunity: Increasing the availability rates of products in Key Accounts channel 

FMCG companies that try to deliver their products to their consumers through the ‘key accounts’ channel, obtain data from their key account customers through various methods. This data includes details such as sales, stock, listing in various dimensions (value, quantity etc.). FMCG companies aim to increase their sales more strategically by analyzing this data in many aspects such as customer, city, category, format etc. 

In Key Accounts channel, for each product, the stores where it is available for sale and whether it is stocked in these stores are different. Moreover, this situation constantly changes over time. On the other hand, monitoring and increasing the availability of products in various dimensions (such as customer, city, format, etc.) is one of the most important sales opportunities. A good follow-up on this issue can bring a serious sales increase. 

About the solution ‘Boost B2B’ 

Considering the sales increase opportunity mentioned above, the ‘Boost B2B’ solution has many dashboards and tables that can be followed and analyzed in detail for this opportunity in terms of tracking listing and distribution rates. Thanks to ‘Boost B2B’, companies can evaluate large sales opportunities by making detailed analysis in a truly brief time and could develop their business in the key accounts channel. 

FMCG companies that do not use the ‘Boost B2B’ solution mostly analyze the data they receive from the source using Excel. This method is disadvantageous compared to ‘Business Intelligence’ reporting in many aspects. Two examples of these are the need for trained employees and the need for an intensive labor force. In addition, this method is error-prone and requires more labor when detailed analysis is required. Considering some of the analysis included in the ‘Boost B2B’ solution, it is almost impossible to perform these analyses with Microsoft Excel. 

Boost recognized the intricate challenges faced by FMCG organizations in Turkey, dealing with vast datasets across disparate systems. Our vision encompassed a highly scalable multitenant SaaS platform that would intricately interconnect sales and data. This platform was driven by advanced business intelligence tools with the overarching goal of integrating all client data into comprehensive dashboards.  We use Microsoft solutions such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Power BI Embedded, and Power Automate as its infrastructure, and offer it to companies as a turn-key solution, ready for use in a brief time. The ready-made solution offered meets the needs of companies to a considerable extent. Boost fulfills their customization requests later.  

Nustil’s thoughts on ‘Boost B2B’ 

İsmail Erzincanlı, Co-Founder and General Manager of Nustil, describes the service they received from Boost as follows;  

” Our products have a consumer base that cares about quality nutrition. Therefore, our products need to be available in more stores of our chain customers. To achieve this, standard, continuous, and effective follow-up is required.  

When we were introduced to the ‘Boost B2B’ solution, we immediately realized that it would make a significant contribution to our business. Boost made detailed and interactive reports available to us in a noticeably brief time. We had a special request to see interrelated data together, and that request was fulfilled in a brief time.  

Our employees have been using the ‘Boost B2B’ solution with pleasure for over 3 months. We have already achieved a store availability increase of between 5% and 10% for our highest selling products.  

The biggest advantage of Boost for us was obtaining a vehicle that contributed to our business in a brief time and as we wanted. I have full faith that our cooperation with Boost will gradually increase along with their other solutions.”