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Fast and Interactive

What is ‘Business Intelligence’?

Business Intelligence (BI) is the general name of next generation interactive reporting systems. Today, companies are increasingly transitioning to BI reporting systems. With the BI infrastructure, complex and large data obtained from multiple sources are brought together in a meaningful way and detailed analyzes can be made faster and much easier.

What is ‘Boost’?

Boost is ready-made BI (Business Intelligence) reports which is customized for FMCG industry Sales Departments. Thanks to Boost, you can switch to BI reporting systems much faster and without the time and effort of your team Through its interactive structure, you can analyze your company’s data much faster and in detail.

Secure and Mobile!

Boost is developed with Microsoft Power BI

Boost operates with one of the leading and common BI platforms – Microsoft Power BI, which is fast and secure. Microsoft Power BI stands out as the right choice with its constantly updated, developed and compatible infrastructure.

Mobile Compatible

With Boost, you can reach your dashboards with your mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets. So, wherever you are, you can do your analysis very quickly and easily.

Increase Your Sales Performance!

Minimize the Time Spent on Data Analysis

With Boost, your company is not only going to save the time to prepare repetitive analyzes but also minimize the risk of potential errors. You can access ready and up-to-date dashboards whenever you want.

Focus on Your Strategy

Thanks to your ready-made reports, you can focus on your sales strategy with the time you save, make quick decisions, and thus increase your sales performance.


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